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Separate ways

From: Hugh Blemings
Subject: Separate ways
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2002 10:38:31 +1000


While you ask for a specific answer to the various points you raise it's
clear that for whatever reason we are unable to successfully work

Please take this opportunity to finally fork your code and have nothing
further to do with the gnokii project.  Please do not post mygnokii
related posts to the gnokii list, start up your own - we're happy for you
to send an email to the new gnokii list providing details of same.  As a
courtesy we'll continue to provide a link to mygnokii from the
website and of course we will continue to provide appropriate attribution
for your contributions.

This fork could of course result in work on gnokii or mygnokii coming to
an end or slowing down which would be a shame.  Ultimately the Open Source
meritocracy will produce the "right" result.  We are drawing a line in the
sand and acknowledging that risk.  

We may be totally in the wrong, if that's the case then so be it but as
the originators of the project we see no other way through this despite
the best efforts of all involved, including yourself.  If six months from
now gnokii is "dead" and mygnokii clearly has "mindshare" we can of course
review the situation. 

Pawel is now the lead Maintainer of the project, as the original authors
we are happy with this and are of the view he along with the rest of the
core team has done a good job.  If you, or others, are unable to work with
him and the rest of the core team, or dissapprove of the technical
decisions the team makes that is your perogative.  That being the case
please take your efforts elsewhere.

Similarly if at some point in the future you are able to work with the
team as it now stands we'd welcome your involvement.

Hugh Blemings and Pavel Janik

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