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[gnokii-users] What is the best?

From: leos
Subject: [gnokii-users] What is the best?
Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2002 23:29:01 +0300

Dear all,

May I ask you for an experienced recommendation:
What is the best combination of a mobile model and a gnokii product?

Why? I use gnokii v. 0.4.0pre14 and 6210. It works fine - having some
problems from time to time:
    -  Sometimes Bus Init fails,
    -  Sometimes sendsms fails without any "visible" reason.
    -  Sometimes it is needed to restert 6210,
Also initializing time is little bit longer than pleasant..

I understand that 6210 hasn't been quite finished. So, may be there is 
some other model working with some other version better.

Thank you very much for your help..

Best regards,

Dr Leos.

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