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Re: [gnokii-users] Re: CVS update

From: Markus Plail
Subject: Re: [gnokii-users] Re: CVS update
Date: Mon, 01 Apr 2002 18:40:05 +0200
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Hi marcin!

* Marcin Wiacek writes:
> Hi,

>> maintain it. And in my eyes Pawel does a very good job. Can't talk
>> for Bozo, but as far as I understand him he can also live with what
>> Pawel is doing.
> [...]
>> PS: I fully acknowledge Pavel's and Hugh's posts.
> OK. So, how can you explain simply fact, that 0.4.0 is developed for 2
> years and it doesn't have even so big functionality like 0.3.3
> (0.3.4).  There is no clear plan available - there are new functions
> added, but nobody thinks about making stable release soon. No fresh
> bugs list - some docs are even 3 or 4 years old. This is not correct.

Plain simple: Lack of programmers who contribute to the project.
Bozo did quite some work on the 6110 code which is almost finished in
quite a short time. I will fine tune the current 6210 code, try to make
6510 workable and add the not yet implemented functionality to 6210
(mainly WAP)

> But please don't write: everything because writing it was complex,
> difficult, because of lack of human resources - these are not
> arguments (there were and are resources in mygnokii past and current
> team and it was possible to make FULL 61xx/71xx support - simply,
> fast).

Yes, you obviously had some people writing code for yourgnokii, or wrote
it yourself. Why should that make my arguments invalid?

> How do you explain dropping my patch3?

You don't write patches Pawel can accept.

> I fell like 10 years kid - there is everything checked: each char,
> each line.

That's the work of a maintainer, especially when he know that there is a
big chance that he won't like some of the changes. And after all the
patch isn't dropped, but Bozo is working on it extracting the useful
parts of it.

> From second hand: gnokii developers still ask many questions for me -
> for example you about sniffing? They don't ask Paweł. They don't use
> his source (we return again to topic: why is each char checked ?).

What has sniffing to do with gnokii? Nothing. I never did it, and
neither Pawel so I asked you for information on how to do it. I didn't
use mygnokii at all so far.

> I simply start to think now, Paweł simply doesn't agree, when he has
> to change his opinion: I've tried to make win32 support. Now he used
> cygwin and probably will not agree for changes for compatiblity with
> MSVC6 (like moving some gsm-sms.c things to gsm-encodind.c). I'm
> really start to think it now.

Well, it is quite obvious that Pawel and you don't agree on many
questions and well.. that's just quite normal. Bozo and Pawel also
didn't agree in soime points, they discussed it and came to a good
solution. And I don't really think that moving stuff from gsm-sms.c to
gsm-encoding is a matter of compatibility. To me it seems that you want
to change gnokii to be almost like mygnokii and that you cover some
changes stating that it is necessary for compatibility. You want to
change many things and you want to change them at once. If you did more
atomic steps and gave good reason why you want to change it, your
patches would be accepted, believe me.

> I also see interesting fact, that gnokii developers don't start to
> give arguments, that my words are not truth. Reasons can be two: I'm
> so stupid man, who try to make something good (I try to be perfect in
> everything) and nobody cares about it and I'm treat as ill man. Or
> they can't answer for it, because IT'S truth.

Well, I try to give arguments, if you don't accept them it's your
problem really.


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