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[Gnewsense-dev] gNewSense 5 & skipping Ucclia

From: arnuld uttre
Subject: [Gnewsense-dev] gNewSense 5 & skipping Ucclia
Date: Sat, 12 Dec 2015 18:01:31 +0530

Hi There,

gNewSense 4, Ucclia, alpha release was out long time ago, December
2014 IIRC.  Ucclia is based on Debian 7 and now Debian 8 (8.2) is
already out. I think it will be a wise decision to invest time on
gNewSense 5 based off Debian 8, completely skipping Ucclia.  I have
several years experience in C and GNU/Linux.  How can I help ?


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