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[Gnewsense-dev] compiling GNU icecat-9.0.1

From: Kai H. Mertens
Subject: [Gnewsense-dev] compiling GNU icecat-9.0.1
Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2012 19:58:14 +0100
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I am using gNewSense-2.3 since 2012 and I am willing to use
100%-free-software for the future.

I wondered about not being able to install an up-to-date
GNU-icecat-9.0.1 webbroser using apt-get or Synaptic.
Did I do something wrong?

Finally, I succeeded in compiling it. Being a Newbie to gNS, I felt
quite enthusiastic about this success.

Is this of interest to others?
Or do I just don't realize that everyone knows how to do it?

Your answers would be very much appreciated.

Fond regards,


Kai H. Mertens
GPG-Key-ID: 3CC3DCD7 (<>)

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