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Re: [Gnewsense-dev] Do we have any python hackers?

From: Sam Geeraerts
Subject: Re: [Gnewsense-dev] Do we have any python hackers?
Date: Fri, 06 Mar 2009 19:42:37 +0100
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Karl Goetz schreef:
Hi all,
I'm hoping we have someone who grocks python and who is willing to help
debug our 'software sources' bug.
I've done some of the groundwork, but I may need to call on an actual
hacker if I cant get in touch with the maintainer (which is what I'm
trying to do at the moment)

I would call myself a Python beginner looking to improve his skills. :)

I've looked at the bug before [1], but I'll see if I can find out some more. Btw, have you checked out the possibly related svn commit again [2]?


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