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Re: [Gnash] Extract ActionScript byte code from SWF file

From: Martin Guy
Subject: Re: [Gnash] Extract ActionScript byte code from SWF file
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2007 13:27:07 +0000

I look at tools here, but they decompile action script/extract images
from SWF file.

swftools has a byte code dumper called swfdump:

[00e]      4169 DEFINESOUND defines id 0013 (MP3 11Khz 16Bit mono)
[038]        19 EXPORTASSETS
               exports 0013 as "1allinyourhead"
[02d]         4 SOUNDSTREAMHEAD2
[00c]        13 DOACTION
[002]        74 DEFINESHAPE defines id 0014
[022]       674 DEFINEBUTTON2 defines id 0015
[016]       570 DEFINESHAPE2 defines id 0016
[027]         4 DEFINESPRITE defines id 0017

and sswf has one called swf_dump that is even more verbose in its decoding

-------------- TAG: DefineSound (14/0x000E) V2.0
 Offset: 54189 (0x0000D3AD)
 Size: 4169 (large)
 Sound ID: #13
 Sound Compression Format: MP3 (2)
 Sound Rate: 11025
 Sound Size: 16 bits
 Sound Mode: mono
 Total number of samples: 20377
 Size of data buffer: 4162 bytes
-------------- TAG: Export (56/0x0038) V5.0
 Offset: 58364 (0x0000E3FC)
 Size: 19
 One object to export.
   Object:    13, "1allinyourhead"
-------------- TAG: SoundStreamHead2 (45/0x002D) V3.0
 Offset: 58389 (0x0000E415)
 Size: 4
 Playback Rate: 5512
 Playback Size: 8 bits
 Playback Mode: mono
 Stream Sound Rate: 11025
 Stream Sound Size: 16 bits
 Stream Sound Mode: mono
 Stream Sound Compression: raw (0)
 Average Data Size: 0
-------------- TAG: DoAction (12/0x000C) V1.0
 Offset: 58395 (0x0000E41B)
 Size: 13
 Action 0x00000000- WAIT FOR FRAME #0, or skip 2 instructions
 Action 0x00000006- GOTO FRAME #10
 Action 0x0000000B- PLAY
 Action 0x0000000C- END


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