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Re[2]: [Gnash] Gnash cannot legally play animations created with MM tool

From: Udo Giacomozzi
Subject: Re[2]: [Gnash] Gnash cannot legally play animations created with MM tools?
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2006 23:18:35 +0100

Hello Rob,

Wednesday, November 8, 2006, 7:49:58 PM, you wrote:
RS>   One of the lawsuits I was involved in ate up 8 months of my time, and
RS> was over the most amazingly stupid misunderstanding... and the entire
RS> case dissolved eventually when they determined I had actually never done
RS> what I was accused of at all, so there was no basis.

Regardless of whether I might do the right thing in respect to the
EULA and/or local rights, I can't be involved in any lawsuit because I
simply have no 8 months of time left.

It might be even a tactic, like sending unfounded cautions to people
who prefer to pay and try to avoid a lawsuit even if they're innocent.
When sent in thousands a lot of money sums up (heard about this a
couple of times in Germany, but not related to MM).

>> practically prohibited to contribute to the Gnash project?? I would
>> accept it that I may not use (in an active manner) the tools to do any
>> reverse-engineering. With other words, I cannot write test cases for
>> Gnash using the Adobe tools.

RS>   Exactly. This has been the interpretation of the EULA for many free
RS> Flash projects,

I can live with that (contribute to Gnash without using the Flash
IDE). However, I can't stop owning/using the program for other

RS>   If Adobe would speak up on this issue, it could save us time and
RS> money...

Agree, that would be best. Any chance to achieve that? I fear they
will avoid saying anything that could restrict the use of the

RS>   Exactly. To get screwed by doing the right thing is stupid. All we're
RS> really doing in a way is making Flash more wide spread than it already
RS> is by supporting platforms Adobe doesn't. They should be encouraging us. :-)

When reading the *player* licence you'll notice that they absolutely
forbid the use of the free player (be it under Windows or Linux) for
embedded devices. That sounds to me that they see potential in the
embedded market and want to make sure they get the money for the
embedded version. It's intelligible as embedded devices and Flash make
a great combination.

My experience is that customers always judge a product in base of the
visual aspect (frontend) - no matter if the backend is far inferior.
What I want to make clear is that when developing a device, the
frontend  is one of the most important things and Flash is a real
great help in this regard. I'm sure Macromedia were well aware of

RS>   It's times like this I hate the way the computer industry has gotten
RS> with IP issues. More reason for projects like Gnash! My hope is that
RS> with the release of Tamarin, Adobe isn't concerned about IP issues like
RS> MacroMedia was. If this turns out to be true, it'll actually let more
RS> people contribute to Gnash. We would have had to dealt with this issue
RS> eventually, so it might as well be right now.

Can you tell me more about these IP issues Macromedia was concerned
about? Did they get angry with someone?

RS>   Just to be clear, I totally appreciate the AGG contribution you made
RS> to Gnash. It's been very fun to have Gnash running on my Sharp Zaurus
RS> lately. :-) (screenshot at

The development of the AGG renderer was done without Macromedia tools.
All SWF files did exist already before or have been created for other


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