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Re: [Gnash] Gnash cannot legally play animations created with MM tools?

From: Rob Savoye
Subject: Re: [Gnash] Gnash cannot legally play animations created with MM tools?
Date: Wed, 08 Nov 2006 10:26:27 -0700
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Tomas Groth wrote:

> I assume it's only binding for the developer. IIRC dotGNU was designed by
> people in Europe to avoid US laws, and thereby avoiding any legal issues from
> MS.

  It's possible I'm just being overly paranoid, but I've been involved
in several lawsuits over free software during the last 18 years I've
been a GNU developer. People often sue over stupid things, and not
usually because they are right... So far free software has won every
time though. :-)

  Maybe for European developers this isn't an issue. Hum... maybe I
should do Gnash development from Europe too! :-) But as I'm physically
here in the US, maybe I'm the only one this would apply too.
International copyright law isn't really something I'm used to. I'm
looking forward to figuring this issue out for sure, as there are
several people that could be Gnash developers that have had to stay away
because of my fear of the EULA.

  Considering Adobe has made this large code donation to Mozilla as open
source software, it would appear that they aren't that worried about IP
issues anymore. It seems silly to think that using the IDE to generate a
Flash movie is more of a problem than releasing piles of their source
code. I'd still prefer a definitive statement to clarify this though.

        - rob -

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