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[Gnash] gnash projector and screensaver

From: correasilva
Subject: [Gnash] gnash projector and screensaver
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2006 11:42:43 +0000
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Do someone know how can we create swf linux-executable projectors based on 
like those Macromedia Flash generates?  - The w32 and MacOS versions seems to 
the .swf file binded after the player, which seeks itself in the player the FWS 
signature used to exist in .swf files, and play what is stored after that, afaik

As well, how can i use Gnash as screensaver (from xscreensaver or ubuntu gnome
screensaver (i think it's a xscreensaver fork?)), in a simple step-by-step way 
newbies?   - Miriam Ruiz quoted to me a Rob Savoye post saying how can we do 
but the information looked confusing: -j and -k for window size when 
works as fullscreen?

A Gnash bug: it's missing a default proportional scalling when we resize the 
window, the inner content gets distorted in the aspect ratio, what doens't 
happen on
Macromedia Flash Player...

thanks and regards

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