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Re: [Gnash] looking for kdecore at wrong place

From: strk
Subject: Re: [Gnash] looking for kdecore at wrong place
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2006 17:17:00 +0200

On Wed, Oct 18, 2006 at 10:10:01AM -0500, Mohamad Al-Saqer wrote:
> On Wednesday 18 October 2006 10:03, strk wrote:
> > On Wed, Oct 18, 2006 at 09:14:05AM -0500, Mohamad Al-Saqer wrote:
> > > Then I did
> > > $ grep "/lib/libkdeui" `locate *.la`
> > > and all returns (many of them) are from files in the /usr/lib directory
> > > which contain the string "/usr/lib/"
> > >
> > > any  more suggestions?
> >
> > Doesn't /usr/lib/ contain any reference to an .so file ?
> It does with no prefex:
> # Names of this library.
> library_names=''

mmm.... last time I had a similar problem my best approach
(the only one successful) was to make sure that my *own*
path was specified before the one detected by default from
This should be commented somewhere in the s
for GLIB_LIBS to be carefully kept listed *before* GSTREAMER_LIBS.
In your case it should be KDE_LIBS or something, somewhere..
Is very vague, I know, sorry for that.


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