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Re: [Gnash] New soundhandler in CVS

From: Tero Kuparinen
Subject: Re: [Gnash] New soundhandler in CVS
Date: Sun, 8 Oct 2006 20:17:41 +0300
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Thanks, I've waited this for a long time!

However volumes of sound effects and music are totally out of balance now, 
sound effects are load and music is very quiet. It used to work somehow with 
gstreamer thought it was buggy,

if you want to test, just wget
as you hear, the lasers are damn loud compared to the music

I can't really wait the day when that piece of art works 100% with gnash :)

        -- kanttu

> A new soundhandler for gnash has just been commited to CVS. It uses SDL (not
> SDL_mixer) for soundhandling, uses ffmpeg or libmad for mp3 decoding and
> replaces the old SDL_mixer based soundhandler.

> To use the new soundhandler run the configure-script with this option:
> "--enable-sound=sdl". If you got ffmpeg installed it will be used per 
> for mp3 decoding. If you rather use libmad, then you must also use the
> "--enable-mad" option.
> This should be the best working soundhandler for gnash so far, but since it
> new, it most likely have bugs! Please report those you find.

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