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Re: A beginner's question

From: Benjamin Kowarsch
Subject: Re: A beginner's question
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2023 21:45:37 +0900


On Fri, 7 Apr 2023 at 18:53, Rudolf Schubert <> wrote:

        I'm about porting an old Programm developped with Gardens Point Modula-2
        (GPM) and facing a few problems.
       The modifications I made were to work around errors I suspect
        might be caused by GM2. When using GPM, however I do not need
        to use these workarounds!

Without knowing what these errors are it is difficult to say, but it sounds as if these errors are the result of the incompatibility between GPM and GM2 considering that GPM was developed while ISO standardisation was still work in progress. John Gough and his team started out with a PIM compiler and modified it as work on the ISO standard was under way and things were still changing all the time. And some point they moved on to implementing a new compiler for a dialect of Oberon called Component Pascal and GPM became orphaned. The final ISO specification was never fully implemented in GPM.

This could easily be the reason why GM2 throws errors when trying to compile the unmodified GPM code.


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