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Re: Dynamic mutidimensional arrays

From: Benjamin Kowarsch
Subject: Re: Dynamic mutidimensional arrays
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2023 22:02:42 +0900

Hi Michael,

On Wed, 5 Apr 2023 at 21:30, Michael Riedl wrote:

I will definitely not use constructs such as val:=value(A,i,k) * value(B,k,j) or val:=A^[i]^[k]*B^[k]^[j] instead of a clear and concise val:=A[i,k]*B[k,j] for the given reasons.

I gave my points and I did not see anyone picking up any argument I brought on the table what is speaking for my suggest.

I am not trying to convince you to do anything.

I am merely cautioning against hastily added features.

The German language has a funny word "verschlimmbessern". You know the word and so does Andreas, but I'll explain it for everyone else on the list who is not familiar with the German language.

The word verschlimmbessern is a portmanteau of verbessern, meaning to better something, and verschlimmern, its antonym, to worsen something. It describes a situation where you know something is broken, but you mess with it anyway trying to fix or improve it until you make the damn thing worse.

The noun, Verschlimmbesserung has an English translation though, it is called a kludge.

In most cases when features are added to an existing design, they turn out to be kludges.

I am cautioning against propagating such kludges.

Over and out.


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