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Re: Call graph for Modula-2

From: Fischlin Andreas
Subject: Re: Call graph for Modula-2
Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2023 15:42:39 +0000

Dear Michael,

If you are after other things, we have written tools analysing the use of procedures and imports over a set of modules. Unfortunately, the specification is only written in German. As I believe you can understand German, attached you find both the so-called “Pflichtenheft.TXT” as well as all sources belonging to this little project called ‘Clients’.


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Description: Zip archive

Description: Zip archive

On 10/02/2023, at 23:46, Michael Riedl <> wrote:


is anybody aware about a tool to generate a call graph for a Modula-2 library / program ?

I would like to use such a tool to be sure that all procedures in a library are at least indirectly referred to in a test routine.

(well knowing that this might not be sufficient, but it would be at least a starting point :-)

Any hint would be helpful

Thanks in advance


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