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Mc [Was: Re: Where is p2c called?]

From: john o goyo
Subject: Mc [Was: Re: Where is p2c called?]
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2021 15:48:27 -0400
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Greetings, Gaius.

On 2021-06-29 10:30, john o goyo wrote (in part):
On 2021-06-28 07:24, Gaius Mulley wrote (in part):

The file gcc/[g]m2/ contains the rules to build gm2.  In the rules to build gm2-libs-boot/%.o  or gm2-compiler-boot/%.o you'll find either the p2c commands or the mc commands depending upon the release of gm2.

Ah -- looking at gcc/m2/, I saw that "gmake mc-help" in the gcc Makefile gave me the targets and "gmake -n mc-continue" gave me the dependencies needed.

Based on the above, I wrote a simple Makefile to compile mc and will now try using it.  (I am going down this route because gcc will not be supported on the M1 until at least version 12.0.)

Why are the generated C files prepended by 'G'?


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