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[Gm2] Solaris Build [Was: Re: "exec" Procedure in iso-libraries?]

From: john o goyo
Subject: [Gm2] Solaris Build [Was: Re: "exec" Procedure in iso-libraries?]
Date: Sat, 24 Oct 2015 19:31:46 -0400
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On 21/10/2015 13:03, Gaius Mulley wrote (in part):
By the way, how is the Solaris port going (he asked hopefully)?
The solaris port has stalled alas - however - the good news is that the
port to gcc-5.2.0 has begun.
As usual, Gaius, kudos to you.

Some other good news - I've been given a sparc at work which will
hopefully (if it installs etc) will run debian from July 2015 (debian
stopped supporting the sparc platform at that time).  But this should
allow for better testing - assuming the hardware still works and debian
installs etc

It would be very interesting to see whether libgm2 builds on Debian/sparc. (By the way, Oracle has realeased Linux on Sparc but only for sun4v machines. There is also traffic on linux.debian.ports.sparc on this matter.)

As you know, I was unable to build libgm2 on Solaris. A quick summary here may help. Sparc machines -- technically, UltraSPARC, that is Sparcv9 and later -- are 64-bit machines but happily run 32-bit code. For this, Solaris ships with both 32- and 64-bit libraries. So when building software on Solaris, you must decide whether to go 32- or 64-bits. Reasonable distributions, in my opinion, will build both. Until it broke, gm2 built both libraries and the compiler could generate either size. When libgm2 was "broken out", configure began calling a non-existant shell script and I could not resolve that problem.

Thank you and good luck!


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