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[Gm2] libtool and gm2

From: Gaius Mulley
Subject: [Gm2] libtool and gm2
Date: Tue, 09 Dec 2014 12:07:48 +0000
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I've changed the way gm2 generates shared libraries to coexist with
libtool.  All the shared library examples (and swig) in gm2/examples
have been altered and work with the new changes.  In essence the shared
library link stage now uses libtool and needs to be invoked manually and
given a list of objects rather than just the main module.

No change to non shared library linking.

I've also changed the documentation (in git and tarball), not on the web
page yet


   * gm2/  added new gm2/examples/shared,
     gm2/examples/full-strlib and gm2/examples/strio
     examples to the list of Makefiles to be generated via
   * gm2/examples/swig/exceptions/
     rewritten to use libtool.
   * gm2/examples/swig/exceptions/  removed
     unnecessary qualification.
   * gm2/examples/swig/exceptions/  removed
     unnecessary qualification.
   * gm2/examples/swig/exceptions/tiny.def:  renamed to
   * gm2/examples/swig/exceptions/tiny.mod:
     renamed to libtiny.mod.
   * gm2/examples/swig/strio/Makefile:  deleted.
   * gm2/examples/swig/strlib/  rewritten to
     use libtool.
   * gm2/examples/swig/strlib/MyStrLib.def:
     renamed as libStrLib.def.
   * gm2/examples/swig/strlib/MyStrLib.mod:
     renamed as libStrLib.mod.
   * gm2/gm2.texi:  rewritten sections on
     building shared libraries
     and interface to python using swig given
     that gm2 now uses libtool.

  * gm2/examples/swig/dual/  removed
    unnecessary $(RM).
  * gm2/examples/swig/tiny/
    removed unnecessary $(RM).
  * gm2/lang-specs.h:  changed invocation of
    -fswig, -fmakelist, -fmakeinit which
    can only be issued with -c and none of them
    will generate a .s (or .o) file.
    The compiler is disabled from producing an
    output file using %V.

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