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[Gm2] Build with minimal libraries

From: cwr
Subject: [Gm2] Build with minimal libraries
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2009 12:40:42 +0100
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The current CVS snapshot builds correctly, but still fails when linking
with minimal libraries.  It will link using the full libraries, giving
an executable of around 270K for hello.mod, and will link using the
printf() function, giving an executable around 6K, about the size of
the same program built with C alone.

It looks as if the problem is in the configuration of the gm2 build; the
linker is looking for libraries in the build directories, as opposed to
the installation directories.  It's also looking for functions which,
judging by the names, handle exceptions, but that's a problem for another

Quite where the linker is getting its search path from I'm not sure;
the build directories no longer exist, and don't appear in any environment
variable.  I've edited the *.la files to remove references to them.  At a
guess, the wrong paths have been built into the library binaries during
the install process.

Does anyone have the exact options needed by configure to correctly build
and install gm2?

Thanks - Will

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