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Re: [Gm2] GM2 help required

From: Gaius Mulley
Subject: Re: [Gm2] GM2 help required
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2009 10:45:52 +0000
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"Inamdar, Vikram" <address@hidden> writes:

> Can anybody suggest the way of adding/patching a ?C? code to a legacy 
> ?Modula2?
> code?
> Regards,
> Vikram Inamdar

Hi Vikram,

if you use gm2 then you can utilise the DEFINITION MODULE FOR "C"
extension which allows Modula-2 to access C functions and variables.
There is an example in the documentation here:

1.14 Interfacing GNU Modula-2 to C

elsewhere in the documentation it gives the equivalence of fundamental
data types between C and gm2.  This works well - I've used pthreads,
libm, libc and gm2 to a build production system.


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