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[Gm2] GNU Modula-2 DejaGNU testsuite

From: Gaius Mulley
Subject: [Gm2] GNU Modula-2 DejaGNU testsuite
Date: 05 Dec 2003 11:32:53 +0000
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I've just added a regression testsuite to gm2 in the DejaGNU format to
the CVS repository. At present the testsuite simply attempts to compile
many differing modules using a variety of compiler flags.  [This was
heavily based on the torture tests of gcc].  The regression tests
include most of the m2f regression tests and all of the gm2 tests (ISO
and PIM).

The nice aspect of DejaGNU is that once set up it is simple to add new
tests. And of course all tests are run from one command.  At the time
of writing GM2 fails on a number of these regression tests..

Anyway here is the extract from gm2.texi which explains how it can be


Stress testing GM2

   Currently there are two automated methods to test GNU Modula-2.  The
first method is `make gm2.paranoid' in which `gm2' builds itself and
finally the test runs both parent and child generations of the compiler
and compares the output. Be warned that this test can take some time to
execute.  This test is invoked by:

     cd host-build/gcc ; make gm2.paranoid

   The second method used to test GNU Modula-2 is to run the regression
test suite.  The GNU Modula-2 regression test suite is available for
download.  To install and run the GNU Modula-2 regression suite you
need to have installed the `dejagnu' and `expect' packages. You also
need to have downloaded the gcc testsuite and grafted it onto the GCC
source tree. Finally you need to graft the GNU Modula-2 testsuite onto
the gcc testsuite. To ease this process there are pre grafted versions
available from `'.

   Assuming that the root of the GCC source tree is in the current
working directory you can use the following commands to install the
test suite:

     export CVSROOT=:pserver:address@hidden:/usr/src/cvs
     cvs login
     cvs -z9 checkout testsuite
     tar cf - testsuite | ( cd gcc-VERSION/gcc ; tar xf - )

   Do not simply move the directory `testsuite' into `gcc-VERSION/gcc'
as the GNU Modula-2 regression tests have to be overlaid on top of the
gcc testsuite.

   Thereafter you can run the GNU Modula-2 testsuite by:

     cd host-build/gcc
     make check-gm2

   Depending on the speed of your computer these tests may take a while
to complete.

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