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From: Rakesh Pandit
Subject: [Glug-nith-discuss] [Glug-nith][Fwd: Announcing The Google Highly Open Participation Contest]
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2007 12:05:54 +0530

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From: Chris DiBona <address@hidden>
Date: 28 Nov 2007 08:58
Subject: Announcing The Google Highly Open Participation Contest
To: address@hidden, Leslie
Hawthorn <address@hidden>

Hi All, I'm happy to pass this on from Leslie, who asked me to send
this to you. Any non-list questions can be directed to her
address@hidden account. Thanks and enjoy! There are some very Useful
links at the end of this message....

Hello everyone,

We've just announced the Google Highly Open Participation Contest
(GHOP), our pilot effort to introduce pre-university students to open
source development.  Student contestants around the world can choose
from a variety of task types, from documentation and testing to bug
fixes and user experience research.  We've teamed up with ten open
source projects for the first instance of GHOP, with an eye to
expanding our efforts if things go well.

Most of your questions should be answered by our FAQs.  If not, feel
free to send your questions to the public contest mailing list.

We hope you're as excited about this new initiative as we are, and
we're also hoping you'd like to lend us a helping hand:

1) Suggest tasks:

Each participating open source project has written guidelines for
community contributed tasks.  If you know the perfect way a new
contributor can help out, please add them as task suggestions
following the guidelines provided.

2) Provide mentorship:

We don't necessarily expect our contestants to know much about open
source, Netiquette and many of the other subtle nuances of geekery.
If you have some spare time and a particular interest in one of the
participating open source projects, idle in their IRC channel to do
air traffic control or subscribe to their contest mailing list and
answer questions.  If you'd like to help with general air traffic
control, please subscribe to the contest discussion list.  Remember,
these are younger folks, so be helpful and, above all, patient.  RTFM
is *right out* unless you've given several pointers that went ignored.

3) Spread the word:

Whether you're subscribed to a particular mailing list where the
members would be interested in hearing about GHOP or know an
incredibly bright kid just down the block, we can use your help in
letting folks know about the contest.  Of course, practice good
mailing list etiquette - the last thing we want is for folks to feel
spammed instead of inspired.

See you on the mailing list!

Useful Links:

Google Highly Open Participation Contest:

You can find all ten participating open source projects listed here.

 Contest FAQs:

Contest General Mailing List: discuss
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Rakesh Pandit

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