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[Glug-nith-discuss] What is GPU, how that can be used for large computat

From: Goudar Vishwanathappa Manu
Subject: [Glug-nith-discuss] What is GPU, how that can be used for large computations.
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2007 23:03:44 +0530

Hello everyone,

 Now a days fields like Computational fluid dynamics, or any other concerned with large computations need a powerful machines. Subject of grid computing, supercomputers have come up to solve this problem. If I want do any computations then the program i write in Fortran or C or C++ will be using only CPU processors(no GPU graphics processing unit) for computations. I think you all agree with me. Now I want to use GPU for computations, my computer has it, if I use it my computational time will decrease, then
how to do this?
Can I use GPU for computations?
If I can, How do I use GPU?
Do I write a program or a software to convert my input into GPU form?
GPU is for graphics not for computations?
These were the questions in my mind before talking to my Senior Satyagit Sarangi. I have attached a text file in which he enlightened me about this wonderful subject. I  had talked to him a  long back and he had asked me to tell everyone about this subject. I was bit lazy in doing this work. Sorry for delay.
This is really a new field and a great one too.
Anyone can understand
Please keep mailing to understand the more about his. Surely Sarangi will clear to your doubts. I request you to ask questions in the mailing list as it will be better that everyone will understand more about this subject as all of us are new to this.

In the attached file you will find answers to questions like
what is GPU? How does that work? How it can be used for doing computations?


G V Manu

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