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Re: [Glug-nith-discuss] Re: Glug-nith-discuss Digest, Vol 6, Issue 2

From: Rakesh Pandit
Subject: Re: [Glug-nith-discuss] Re: Glug-nith-discuss Digest, Vol 6, Issue 2
Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2007 23:48:27 +0530


Seems like I might sound a bit out of place in this discussion but
then I have a few opinions of my own.... as always... ( :0)..

No you are not out of place. Everyone out here should speak when he
thinks he has to. And your opinions may help all of us.

1) What is it that you guyz are aiming for ???
        - is it like that everyone on campus should use gnu/linux..
        - or is it that everyone should understand what open-source
actually means..

We are very clear of what we want. There is nothing as "you guys" out
here. It is the matter of what we want. We do not have any aim of
making everyone use GNU/Linux neither we have any aim of going to each
and every person and tell him what Free Software is. We are just a
community of few people as of now(aims at making it big, tell you
how), who believes in concept of freedom. We try to live while sharing
and helping each other. When someone comes in or touch we just make
him a feel of what our community is and if he/she becomes addicted to
our community then we help him out in such a way that he/she becomes a
part of society rather than depending on it for everything(not in
terms of software service only). And this way this society keeps on

> 2) What I understand from all the discussions from this forum is that
you guyz only want people to adopt linux without making people
understand what it is good for ?

We do not do that. You have taken some assumptions without asking.

3) Here in US i can understand the fact and advantage of using open
source software since you don't have to buy a lot of software since
piracy here is taken seriously. But in india its still like that only.
most ppl use some version of pirated software. So how do u get them to
understand the advantages of linux.

I understand your point and we are working in direction, but need some
more discussion on it. Actually community is not as strong, yet.

5) Most of all I feel rather than just have a strong community where u
guys just promote some version of fedora, ubuntu or linux I would
suggest that you guys start more stronger development community. I
know all of you are involved individually in some form of open-source
projects but what the ppl from our college need is more exposure to
its advantages, the feel of how it is to tweak with kernels in linux
and learn more on linux development.

It would be really good, but it is not essential for everyone to know
about tweak with linux kernal or be a software developer to make a
good community. Community needs few developers and many users. But all
of them should have a feel of community and not be here for just the
sake of getting a touch of GNU/Linux (for carrier point) and even if
no one is a geek, still it does not matter.

I feel this kind of a community will be more helpful though it will
leave out a lot of ppl but then a stronger development community
should be better than ppl who just want to use linux for watching
movies etc.

No, I disagree. I community could be stronger even if maximum of
people use GNU/Linux for watching movies.

Correct me if I made any mistake in interpreting your statements.


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