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Re: [Glug-nith-discuss] Over the last few days...

From: vivek shah
Subject: Re: [Glug-nith-discuss] Over the last few days...
Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2007 13:41:17 +0530

Could you talk to Dr. Y.D. Sharma and/or Dr. J.N. Sharma regarding
installation of GNU/Linux in the computational or mathematics
laboratory next semester?

Yes we will talk to Dr. Y.D. Sharma and Dr. J.N. Sharma regarding the
matter and I will personally maintain the and for
the Ubuntu repositories since everyone uses some different flavour of
Ubuntu like Dapper,Edgy or Feisty so instead of maintaining repos I
will be making apt-on cd's of the most important packages and we will
distribute it there and also a repo of the latest Ubuntu release.

Debarshi, could you give me a bit of detail of your work with iLUG-Cal
and the meets you are organising??


Put a rogue in the limelight and he will act like an honest man.
               -- Napoleon Bonaparte, "Maxims"

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