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[Glug-nith-discuss] Why are you on this list?

From: Arjun Shankar
Subject: [Glug-nith-discuss] Why are you on this list?
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2007 20:23:42 +0530
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Well, it seems there are lots of people subscribed to this list, and
obviously, you are one of them. Right?

So why is it that only some people talk, and others spectate, or ignore?

It really isnt like that those who know a bit about GNU/Linux here (and
believe me, I know next to nothing compared to most people who seriously
use it) will think your questions are stupid or of low level. If you come
across something you can answer, wouldn't you do it?

I think it makes more sense to either participate here, or leave it and find
some place where you _would_ want to participate. If this was the devel list
of some project where only 6 programmers post, and others just sit and watch
and learn, that would have been fine, but its not. It's a place for people
to share and discuss.

So why are you on this list? If you're still reading, please do answer :)


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