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[Global-commit] global global/global.c gtags/gtags.c libutil/db...

From: Shigio YAMAGUCHI
Subject: [Global-commit] global global/global.c gtags/gtags.c libutil/db...
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2007 00:18:35 +0000

CVSROOT:        /sources/global
Module name:    global
Changes by:     Shigio YAMAGUCHI <shigio>       07/01/10 00:18:35

Modified files:
        global         : global.c 
        gtags          : gtags.c 
        libutil        : dbop.c dbop.h format.h gtagsop.c gtagsop.h 

Log message:
        New compression function [format version 5]:
        Tag name might be compressed (GTAGS_COMPNAME).
        Each line number might be expressed as difference from the previous
        line number except for the head (GTAGS_COMPLINE).
            ex: 10,3,2 means '10 13 15'.
        In addition,successive line numbers are expressed as a range 
            ex: 10-3 means '10 11 12 13'.
        Though new global can read older tag file since version-5.0,
        the older global cannot read new format.


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