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[Glob2-ideas] glob o'clock

From: Quinn Yee Qin Teh
Subject: [Glob2-ideas] glob o'clock
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2008 01:59:31 +1100

I posted this in the forum but didn't get a reply, I guess most of us don't check the forums often. Well here goes:
Let's do something like this, set 12am and 12pm GMT time (or whatever time most of us can do this) everyday as Glob O'clock, so that those of us who are able to do so will try to get on IRC at that time to get some games going or even just to chat. And (very importantly) put this on the IRC welcome message and find a way to display it to players who logon to YOG, or put it in the game/YOG interface somewhere.

The main reason is obviously to prevent people who get interested in the game, logon to YOG/IRC, then get ignored from going away never to come back. If they see this message, they will come back and try again at one of those times and hopefully at least some of us will be around to welcome them into the community and show that glob2 is still alive.

If we can even get 5-10 new people a week for the first few weeks this way, our community will grow quickly and we can start setting more "peak" times and start growing faster. Then we can get things going as our chances of getting contributors will increase.

What do you guys think?

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