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Re: [Glob2-ideas] non-flat terrain

From: Kai Antweiler
Subject: Re: [Glob2-ideas] non-flat terrain
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2008 10:05:51 +0200

> Yes, but if we add slopes, we should also think wether we want the globules to
> consume more food when going on slopes.

True.  That is easier as with different running/swimming speeds.
But we don't need to (in case the pathfinding would be too slow).

> If we do so, maybe we can add roads as well; I propose the following costs
> Food consumption/pathfinding table per step:
> slope           same level              up              down
> normal          3                               5               2
> roads           2                               3               1

Now we have a problem:
Because we don't have 3 point pathfinding, a worker will see that
resource down the slope and think, "fine I'll can fetch that quickly".
Once he did that, he has to run up the slope to the building again
take more time and food than an optimal route would have taken.
Then the building asks him to get the next resource and the next ...

Pathfinding would probably be better if any sloops (whether up or
down) would be punished.  We could use the food costs and speed
changes as proposed, but only have globs dislike sloops.
Or pathfinding could ignore sloops totally.

> If slope is < +- 10 deg, it is same level, if it is between +- 10 deg and +-35
> deg, it is slope, if higher, it is an obstacle.
> What do you think?

Oh, you want each field to have a height.
That would be really nice indeed.

Kai Antweiler

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