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Re: [Glob2-ideas] ranged attack ground units (siege weapons)

From: Kai Antweiler
Subject: Re: [Glob2-ideas] ranged attack ground units (siege weapons)
Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2008 23:11:54 +0200

> Also their
> missiles always fire towards the original location of their target at the
> time of firing, and will not damage the target if it has moved from that
> location, so basically it can't hit a usual fighter unit.

That I don't like, because it invites micromanagement.
The attacked player knows how long that unit shoots and sees
the direction. The next thing he does is placing a forbidden area on
the target field and the target unit will evade. Since this is a strong
attack such behavior will be highly rewarded.

Also if the target unit currently is not fighting, it will be on an
other field - glob2 units a almost always moving.

But the most important point.
Nobody will do the graphics.

For example:
We have critters in glob2, but we don't have graphics for them.
At least that is the state that I remember.
Kai Antweiler

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