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[Glob2-ideas] Resource Types

From: Kim Burgess
Subject: [Glob2-ideas] Resource Types
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 01:19:04 +0100

I'm new to the list (and Glob2 in general) so apologies if this has already been suggested and dismissed.

In keeping with the abstract theme of the units, has any thought been put into the possibility of using different resource types than those generically found in strategy games? For example having perhaps some type of fungal growth instead of wheat, and something a little more unique than trees etc. Also, when buildings under construction and being upgraded, using a sort of organic sludge pool graphic instead of a construction site.

None of it effects actual game play, but it would add to the counter-reality created and help to separate the game further from the plethora of other strategy games available.

Kim Burgess

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