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Re: [Glob2-ideas] Autres unites dans Glob 2?

From: Kai Antweiler
Subject: Re: [Glob2-ideas] Autres unites dans Glob 2?
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 23:10:20 +0200

> That came up after thinking of lots of different ways of balancing the issue

We could give different units different daycycles:
One kind of warrior might attack real good in the morning, medium at noon, and
bad otherwise.  Others might be strongest at a night time.
This would also promote attacks, because you can build up an army and attack
when they are powerful.  To defend you would have to be alway good at fight
and need lots of different warriors.
Unless your recon is very good.  But we could disallow the opponents to get
to much information.  The opponent might be able to see whether a unit is good
at night or at day, but not whether it is good at morning, noon or evening.

> (and might be interesting in its own right). That said, if the knight is
> able to swim, other ways of balancing may be doable too. However, the
> swimming does need to be improved, I feel; once you have a swimming pool,
> the sea is tactically pointless.

That is true.
I once thought about building ships or using explorers as transporters
for warriors
and prohibit them to swim.  But this is a lot of work and in case of
ships unrealistic
because we haven't succeeded to get graphics for new units pobably in the last 7

Now that I combine these two thoughts, I propose to allow warriors to swim only
during the day.  When night falls and a warrior is inside water it is
allowed to swim
until it sets a food on dry land.  (Or we calculate an additional
gradient which treats
each water area as a forbidden field for warriors during night.)
I'd prefer the second method.

Including a day cycle in glob2 is in its cheapest design as easy as
printing four digits
somewhere on the screen (and in the save games).
Kai Antweiler

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