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Re: [Glob2-ideas] Autres unites dans Glob 2?

From: Stéphane Magnenat
Subject: Re: [Glob2-ideas] Autres unites dans Glob 2?
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 09:41:22 +0200
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Here is a quickly fixed version of the translated one. Apart from 
implementation or user interface details, I like those ideas very much:


Upon the recommendations of Steph, I follow to this ml a message that I had 
written to him in the past, detailing with the possibility to introduce 
variety of units and tactics into the combat, without sacrificing the spirit 
of the game.

I hope that it will be useful, and interesting.

BASIC idea: introduce more tactical possibilities and fighting possibilities
to the game, without compromising overall game design nor introducing 

Therefore, a warrior unit can specializes only in another warrior unit.
A unit of supports can specializes only in another unit of supports. The
low level unit AI is good enough to avoid the desire of micro-management.

Idea: A special building, the laboratory of excessive specializations (in
other words EPFL (private joke, my university)), allows the construction of 
the advanced units. It gives right to have ten units. One selected a certain 
number of knights, pikemen and archers. The warriors of level three available 
precipitate to be upgraded (the upgrades are very fast, once the built 
building). When ten special units are built, the building is destroyed. 
(After a very long thought, this seems to be best the system). The laboratory 
can be built on an unfavourable island (useful to have knights).

New units:
Very resistant. Inflict many damage. Rapid. Cannot swim. The upgrades with
swimming increase the damage of the knight.
Identical to the warrior of level 3, except that less resistant. Damage
triple against a knight.
Less resistant than the warrior of level 3. Inflict remote damage. Can draw
on the air units. Swim a level in lower w.r.t. to its true level of

Difference of aiming: An archer will draw in priority on the air units
from combat, then on the terrestrial units, then on the not-offensives air 
units, then on the buildings.

A knight at hand to hand will attack in priority on Pikeman.
A pikeman at hand to hand will attack in priority on a Knight.

The flag of war will have the option to specify the various types of units.
If it is not done, the knight on the same island will be ordered in priority, 
followed the closest warriors. The knights on another island will be ordered 
(as that they do not swim).

Further Idea:
The laboratory will also allow to upgrade explorers of level 3 (who can
fight any way slightly). The three upgrades possible are (all fly):
The bomber:
Large damage on the buildings. Cannot tackle the air targets or the units.
The commander:
Augment the resistance of the terrestrial units friends and close relations.
Cannot attack.
The raider:
Can steal the fruits enemy. Can also steal the resources (very slowly).

Possible tactics:
The raid:
To build two laboratories in an unfavourable island. To order 20 knights. To
tackle the base.
Against: explorers to find the laboratories in construction. pikemen.

To build heaps of explorers, and upgrade them to bombers. To demolish the
enemy base.
Against: of the explorer of level 3 simple (to cut down the bombers). Turns
of defense. Archers.

The raid bombards:
Mixture of the two preceding tactics, with perhaps some archers moreover.
Against: Pikemen + Explorer of level 3 (if there are no archers), Pikemen
+ Archers if it there of A.


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