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[glob2-devel] Updating the wiki skin

From: Valentin Lorentz
Subject: [glob2-devel] Updating the wiki skin
Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2023 10:29:39 +0200
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Hi folks,

As you know, Globulation2's wiki has a pretty cool custom skin (that's how MediaWiki calls themes).

Unfortunately MediaWiki changed a lot since it was written, and the skin doesn't work with newer versions of MW; so the wiki is currently stuck on MW 1.31, which was released five years ago.

This is worried both because there may be unpatched security issues in it, and because future PHP updates on my server may break this old MW version (fortunately PHP 8 is fine so far).

I tried both updating the skin to work with newer versions (MW 1.35 at the time) and re-writing it based on the latest MonoBook skin (the glob2 skin was adapted from old Roundedblue, which is itself a fork of an old MonoBook); but this is outside my skillset.

Does anyone feel like taking a stab at it? Here is the code for the current skin:



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