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Re: Feedback on new gksu features

From: Gustavo Noronha Silva
Subject: Re: Feedback on new gksu features
Date: Sun, 17 Jul 2005 21:33:12 +0300

Em Dom, 2005-07-17 às 07:45 -0700, Brian escreveu:
> I use gentoo as my distribution.  When choices like this are available
> (as ./configure options) they are assigned "USE" flags.  There are
> generic ones like "gnome", "kde" to enable them or specific ones for
> specific functionality.  I think a ./configure option would be good.  As
> more code is available for different desktops, it's option can be added.

the gnome-keyring support is already a configure option on libgksu; it
might keep being but I'll need to figure out a way of gksu's configure
script to detect wether libgksu is compiled with its support enabled or

> > For the second problem, maybe I could use the session keyring by
> > default, thus requesting that the user types the password again at least
> > once per session. Allowing the admin/user to select which keyring they
> > want to use is planned.
> > 
> I like this option better.  (Although I rarely log out.)  It is the more
> secure choice.


> I have been developing a gtk gui frontend for gentoo's portage package
> management system.  Since we did not yet have su/sudo support built-in
> users that wanted to install/remove packages with it had to run it with
> root privileges.  The complaint and subsequent feature request was to
> indicate whether it was being run as root or not.  When run as a user it
> let's the user browse the package database, etc..  So, I think a
> "confirm root privileges" popup dialog should be default.  Perhaps a
> config option to boldly bypass such a warning for those foolhardy users.
> After all linux is about choice :)

Yep. I would very much like suggestions on the best way to display that

I'm considering turning the gksu configuration into a gconf-based one
instead of a simple config file. Otherwise I'm going to have to
implement multi-level configuration myself (like, system-wide, user
preferences, etc)

I could have a checkbox 'never display this message again' on that
dialog which would modify a gconf key that would server that purpose.

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