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Re: gksu 1.1.0, new API

From: Carlos Perelló Marín
Subject: Re: gksu 1.1.0, new API
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2004 02:00:20 +0200

El mar, 17-02-2004 a las 01:36, Gustavo Noronha Silva escribió:
> Hello,


> Sorry for the delay, I'm CCing carlos, because of the authserver
> discussion.

I think I took more time to answer :-(

> Em Sat, 07 Feb 2004 16:14:08 +0100, "Sven Herzberg, GNOME Deutschland" 
> <address@hidden> escreveu:
> >   I think the preferred way should be to simply have to libs libgksu
> > (providing the auth stuff, should -- IMHO -- just be linked against
> > glib, gthread and gobject) and libgksuui (which includes several
> > re-usable code like authentication dialogs); then we have the gksu
> > application which simply provides its own main window (as I don't think
> > that this window might be reused anywhere).
> hmmm, that looks good, but do you have a suggestion
> on what kind of API we'd have then?
> I thought about this quite a bit, but I don't know if it should
> be a long term or short term goal.
> Better make the right thing all at once, I think, but then,
> I would not like to have gksu1.0 as 'stable gksu' for a
> long time, as its API is too flawed, IMO.
> >   I'd also strongly vote for an integration into GNOME 2.8 (which
> > happens to be released about september). Until a module proposal we
> > should have the gksu client to be able to replace the current gnome run
> > dialog and have some python bindings to be used within a new version of
> > the gnome system tools.
> That's feasible, let's work on that. Are you aware of carlos' project
> of an authorization server? I agreed with him that it is a much prettier
> solution, but I am not sure it's doable for gnome2.8...

If I get some help and/or spare time to work on this issue, I will try
to get it ready in time for GNOME 2.8.

You can see what I have done at:


You should know that it does not work now and it's too long since last
hard work on it.

Please, look at libauthorization/authorization.h file there is all
public API, any suggestion/request is welcomed.

To understand the idea behind this server, please, read the
documentation at:

Feel free to ask anything about the system.

> Maybe we should start thinking about that? Maybe have libgksu become
> a client for that server when it is built?

I don't think it's needed or perhaps possible to map it, the application
will not link against any graphic library to ask for password, the
password dialog will appear from an application supplied by the
secserver own software. The idea is to develop that application with
dlopen so it can integrate inside GNOME, KDE, or even a console (I'm not
sure if the console option is possible).



Carlos Perelló Marín
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