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[Ghm-discuss] KeySigning - final list

From: John Darrington
Subject: [Ghm-discuss] KeySigning - final list
Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2017 16:38:13 +0200
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The revised and final list is on line at

This is the final list and no more keys will be added or changed.

For those who are new to the procedure here is what you should do to get your 
key signed.

Before you depart for GHM

1. Download this file.  Use wget
2. Check that your own details including the fingerprint are correct.
3. Print the file to a paper copy.
4. Generate the md5sum and/or sha1sum for the file.  Use:
  sha1sum keys_20170819.txt
  md5sum keys_20170819.txt
5. Using an indellible pen, write the sha1sum and md5sum on the paper.
6. Sign all pages of the file in your own hand.
7. Bring these pages with you to GHM.
8  Bring also your passport/id card and any other evidence to show that you are 
   who you say you are.
9. Bring a pen with you.

At the meeting (during the keysigning)

We will be following the procedure described at

Any questions please ask me.

Please note that I have deliberately NOT published the md5sum/sha1 of the file, 
because previous experience has shown that some people blindly write down what
I say it is, instead of checking for themselves.  We will however check it 
during the event.

Happy keysigning.


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