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[Ghm-discuss] We need one or two volunteers for video recording on Satur

From: Luca Saiu
Subject: [Ghm-discuss] We need one or two volunteers for video recording on Saturday
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2013 12:11:52 +0200
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Hello.  I'm re-posting here a message of mine which might not have been
very visible, as a reply to an old thread.

The conference will be video-recorded as promised.  However I've just
learned that we have a little problem: it turns out that Sylvestre Ledru
(for very good reasons) won't be able to operate the recording equipment
on Saturday, and we need a volunteer for that.  Sylvestre *will* be
available on Thursday and Friday, so he will show the volunteer how to
do it, on Saturday; the thing is apparently easy.

Everybody, please respond if you will like to volunteer.  One or two
people is enough.

Luca Saiu
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