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[Ghm-discuss] The program at is now fi

From: Luca Saiu
Subject: [Ghm-discuss] The program at is now final
Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2013 16:23:33 +0200
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I've finalized the program, making place for a new last-minute short
talk: Christopher Dimech will talk about GNU for Earth and Space

Compared to the previous version there is only a slight change on Friday
afternoon, which affects me, Frankie and Andreas.  Frankie and Andreas,
sorry for the late change.  However it's just a ten-minute difference,

Friday afternoon:
* Short talk session
  * Daimrod: Emacs XWidget [20 minutes]
  * Daimrod: XWidget [*15~20 minutes]
  * David Bremner: Notmuch mail [*15~20 minutes]
  * Christopher Dimech: GNU for Earth and Space Sciences [10 minutes]
* Luca Saiu: epsilon
* [remote, Kenya] Frankie Onuong'a: quickthreads
* [short talk, last] Andreas Enge: Guix
* Guix install party & hack fest


Luca Saiu
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GNU epsilon:

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