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Re: [Ghm-discuss] GHM in review

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: [Ghm-discuss] GHM in review
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2010 18:31:46 +0200
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Andy Wingo <address@hidden> writes:

>   1. What was great about the meeting? Name one or two of your favorite
>      things.

Meeting people, hearing about the latest GNUnet news, and tweaking Ralf
into adding Guile support in Automake.  ;-)

Lightning talks were nice.  More of them, maybe even shorter, with
people describing what they work on, would be nice, as Simon suggested.


>   4. What about focus -- did we have a good focus? Too broad, too
>      narrow?

Good!  The amount of time allocated to the main theme vs. the amount of
time for other topics was good IMO.

>   5. What about the size? Do you want the GHM to be bigger in the
>      future? How would you feel if there were 100 people there?

As others said, more than 50 people would entail the frustration of not
being able to meet everyone, and it may be less convivial & informal, as
was already said.

A larger event may also require people working full-time on the
organization, a larger place, resorting to catering, etc. and thus more
founding, as Brian noted.  Thus I like the idea of having several
“small” GHMs (< 50 people) over the year instead of one big thing.

>   6. What about colocation? Did this influence your decision to attend?
>      Was it a good thing or a bad thing?

It didn’t influence my decision because I wasn’t interested in GUADEC.
It apparently influenced others, which is a good thing.

>   7. Any other comments?

Thank you for this well-organized, friendly, and insightful meeting!


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