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[Ghm-discuss] [Sanne Steemers] [guadec-local] Guadec Trips!

From: Andy Wingo
Subject: [Ghm-discuss] [Sanne Steemers] [guadec-local] Guadec Trips!
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2010 21:47:18 +0200
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Hey GHMers,

Attached is a mail from the GUADEC organizers about trips on Monday,
Tuesday, and Thursday. I think that many people will be organizing
informal meetings and hackings on Monday and Tuesday, but if you feel
like you need to break away from the machine, contact the fine GUADEC
folk to sign up for one of these.



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Please forward to all relevant communication channels. Thank you. 


During Guadec you can participate in many great citytrips we have arranged:
– The Hague, with its monumental buildings, palaces and The International Criminal Court; – Amsterdam, The most beautiful capital;
– Rotterdam, with a harbour no other city in the world can live up to.
If you'd like to sign up, please go to


minimum of 20 participants
from 10.00/12.00 pm.
costs: €10,25 excl. public transport, excl. consumptions

For almost 60 years Madurodam has been the smallest city in the Netherlands. Canals, gabled houses and all kinds of other typical Dutch scenes: the miniature city offers you the highlights of the Netherlands on a scale 1:25. When twilight falls thousands of tiny lights create a fairytale atmosphere in the miniature city. Many visitors come to Madurodam especially for this. Madurodam has developed a special evening programme, to highlight this magical image. A spectacular show can be seen in Madurodam: Madurodam by Light. Every evening after sunset visitors will be submerged in a fascinating Dutch fairytale that tells the story of Hansje Brinker and the fight against the water. Madurodam uses the most modern projection techniques for this show of water, light and lasers.

* If the number of participants is too low, we can arrange a private The Hague Tour ad hoc. You can then sign in at the registration desk.


minimum of 12 participants, maximum of 100 participants
depart The Hague ~11.00 am. – tour ends 16.00
costs: €50,- incl. public transport, incl. drinks in the tasting room of the brewery, excl. other consumptions.

Do Amsterdam the Dutch way!
With the bicycle you can reach places which remain inaccessible to others. Yellow Bike has put together a safely guided bicycle tour which will give you a fascinating picture of this famous canal city's rich history. During this tour you will pass all the interesting spots such as the harbour, the charming Jordaan quarter, the Anne Frank house, the Rijksmuseum, the Vondel Park, the "Skinny Bridge", Rembrandt's house and the Red Light District. You will also see undiscovered Amsterdam with its idyllic small canals, quiet hidden courtyards and photogenic views. Our experienced guides will show you the way and tell the fascinating story of the history and evolution of Amsterdam over the years.

Including a visit to Brewery 't IJ
Brouwerij 't IJ is a small brewery in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is located in a former bathhouse named Funen, next to the De Gooyer windmill. The brewery was opened by Kaspar Peterson, a former musician, in October 1985 and was one of several small breweries that opened in cities around the Netherlands in response to consumers' dissatisfaction with beer brewed by the larger companies. It currently brews five standard beers and four seasonal beers, besides occasional beers. All the beers are certified organic.

* If the number of participants is too low, we can arrange a private Amsterdam Tour ad hoc. You can then sign in at the registration desk.


minimum of 5 participants
1.00/6.00 pm.
Costs: €30,- incl. public transport, Museum ticket, Canal tour, excl. consumptions

Rotterdam Harbour tour – Experience one of the world's largest ports in all it's glory
In among the busy traffic of sea-going and inland ships, this trip is a special voyage through one of the largest harbours in the world. You can see Rotterdam's impressive skyline with its imposing buildings glide by, and then get a unique view of the harbours shipyards, docks and the hypermodern transshipping of thousands of containers.
An exciting 75 minutes with clear descriptions of everything you see.

A Drink in the famous Hotel New York – Former building of the Holland America Line

History of the site.
In 1873, the N.V. Nederlandsch Amerikaanse Stoomvaart Maatschappij NASM was established (see also the monument in front of the hotel), which became officially known as the Holland-Amerika Lijn in 1896. With the founding of the NASM and the construction of the Nieuwe Waterweg in 1885, Rotterdam was able to assume a prominent role in migrant transport.
The NASM ships maintained regular shipping link from that time, albeit with ups and downs, the primary destination being: NEW YORK! In the years 1880-1925, reaching a peak between 1901-1914 (although a peak in migrant history usually signifies a low point in world history), East European migrants, usually Jews, would board ship in Rotterdam in huge numbers. Again, their motivation for moving to America was often an unhappy one. They took not only their shabby bundles, packages and other possessions, but also their common shared dreams. This kept them going during the long and often arduous journey as steerage (between decks passenger) to the Promised Land; America! America! Freedom of opportunity, freedom of thought, freedom to worship God in their own way.
In the last quarter of the nineteenth century, 1,300 journeys were made: 90,000 saloon passengers and 40,000 third class passengers made the crossing.The 1960s marked the beginning of a permanent decline in passenger transport, as competition offered by civil aviation became too strong. By the end of the decade, most ships had been sold to countries abroad, or were converted tot cruise vessels.
On 8 November 1971, the Nieuw Amsterdam II left for Rotterdam to make its final crossing, marking the definitive end to a piece of Rotterdam shipping history covering over 100 years. In 1977, the head office of the HAL moved to Seattle, on the west coast of America. The Holland-Amerika Lijn had become the Holland-America Line. In 1984, the New York office was closed, and on may 1st that same year, the head office on the Wilhelminakade was put up for sale.

The Dutch Photography Museum

With expositions about the seventies - one of the most important and fruitful periods in the history of photography: the seventies. Finally photography was to be accepted as an art discipline, colour was allowed and the raw daily life became a full worthy theme, Faces of the financial crisis - When the financial crisis of 2009 was at its peak, Reinier Gerritsen photographed people in the subway between Wall Street and Grand Central Station, New York. We see masses of introvert subway travellers in unposed group portraits. They reflect the collective feelings of a world in shock, not understanding that things have reached the stage where the global financial system has collapsed and Fringe Phenomena: “If only I could capture that on camera!” A phrase that so often crosses our minds when we see something remarkable out of the corner of our eye. André Thijssen has that camera on him and takes pictures and shoots films anytime and anywhere from all the things we usually walk past. 

* If the number of participants is too low, we can arrange a private Rotterdam Tour ad hoc. You can then sign in at the registration desk.


Sanne Steemers
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