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[Ghm-discuss] Welcome! GNU Hackers Meeting 2010, Den Haag

From: Andy Wingo
Subject: [Ghm-discuss] Welcome! GNU Hackers Meeting 2010, Den Haag
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2010 23:00:50 +0200
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Greetings, GNU hackers. GHM is upon us!

GNU Hackers Meeting 2010 -- The Hague
The Hague 24-25 July

Table of Contents
1 Venue location 
2 Friday evening meal
3 Accommodation
5 Food
6 Transport
7 Keysigning 
8 Contact numbers
9 Discussion
10 Thanks
11 Other requirements 
12 Schedule

1 Venue location 

  Sat 24 - Sun 25 July 2010

  Revelation Space
  Binckhorstlaan 172 
  2516 BG Den Haag

The ContactAndRoute page above gives detailed instructions about how to
get to the space, which is about a 20 minutes' walk from Den Haag
Centraal, and about 10 minutes' walk from the StayOkay hostel or the
Weteringplein tram stop (line 17).

Note that though the GHM is nominally co-located with the GNOME
conferece, GUADEC, our venue is not the GUADEC main venue -- we are in a
hackerspace, not the Haagse Hogeschool.

2 Friday evening meal

If you arrive in time on Friday, let's have dinner!

We have a reservation at Mogogo, an Eritrean restaurant in the Hague's
Chinatown, at 8 PM on Friday 23 July.

There are organic and vegetarian options, and the cost should be around
15 euros per person, excluding drinks.

Please confirm by email to let us know you are coming; our current
reservation is for 25 people, but it can be increased.

  Gedempte Burgwal 36

Grote Markt appears to be the nearest tram stop.

We will eat at 8 PM, but we will probably still be there until about
10:30 PM. Do come!


As you probably know, the GNU Hacker's meeting this year is co-located
with GUADEC (the Gnome conference) in The Hague.  Some of you have
expressed interest in attending GUADEC, but have not yet registered.

For the GUADEC organisation, it is of great importance to know how many
people are coming. Moreover, the local government provides a subsidy for
each foreign visitor to IT conferences, but for that the names of the
attendees and dates of their arrival and departure are required. 

So, by registering for GUADEC you're directly helping the Free Software
cause, even if you're registering at the €0 level.

Don't delay -- do it now! :)

4 Accommodation

Many people are staying here:

  StayOkay Youth hostel
  Scheepmakersstraat 27
  2515 VA Den Haag
  Tel +31 (0)70 315 78 88

They might still have room, if you haven't booked yet.

The GUADEC welcoming committee has also collected a number of other
accommodation suggestions:

5 Food

We will post suggestions for places to eat at the venue. We will
probably organize an evening meal on Saturday, and other things on an
ad-hoc basis.

But if you need to strike out on your own, the GUADEC accomodation page
also has a number of restaurant recommendations:

6 Transport 

Again, see the GUADEC welcoming committee's excellent page:

7 Keysigning 

Bring printed copies of your public key fingerprint and photo-id
(passport) for key-signing.

8 Contact numbers

Andy Wingo (GHM organizer)
+34 617 029 578 (a spanish number)

9 Discussion

If you're not already on it, please join the address@hidden mailing
list. If you're interested in conference-related chatting anyway :)

10 Thanks

Thanks to Revspace and the GUADEC organizing committee, especially Koen

11 Other requirements 

Let us know if you have any additional requirements!

12 GHM Schedule

Note that this schedule is preliminary.

Friday 23 July - DINNER at Mogogo

  20:00 -- See above for more info

Saturday 24 July - GHM

  10:00 You :)
        Introduction session

  10:30 Paolo Carlini 
        "The new C++ Standard and library (C++0x)" (30 mins)

  11:00 Martin Pool
        "Bazaar" (20 mins)


  GNUnet Workshop:

    11:30 Christian Grothoff
          "Introduction to GNUnet" (1 hr)

    12:30 - 14:00 LUNCH

    14:00 Matthias Wachs
          "Low level transports and transport selection in GNUnet" (40 min)

    14:40 Nathan Evans
          "DHT and routing in GNUnet" (40 min)

    (20 min break)

    15:40 Ludovic Courtès
          "Libchop - a library for distributed storage and data backup " (15 


  ~19:00 DINNER

Sunday 25 July - GHM

  10:00 Ralf Wildenhues
        "Recent developments in GNU Autotools" (20 mins)

  10:20 Steven Bosscher
        "Link Time Optimisation in GCC" (20 mins)


  10:45 Advisory Committee including "GNU Source Release Collection" (Brian 
        GNU organisation/infrastructure discussion

  12:30 - 14:00 LUNCH

  14:00 Karl Goetz
        GNewSense (20 mins)

  14:20 Sylvain Beucler
        "Distributed Bug Trackers" (30 mins) (break)

  15:00 LIGHTNING TALKS ~10 minutes each (order/timing to be finalised on the 
        Jose E. Marchesi - "The GNU Record Utilities"
        Laurent Guerby - "The GCC Compile Farm"
        Jaromil - "dyne:bolic and"
        Rob Savoye - Gnash (TBC?)

  16:30 Wrap up

  ~19:00 DINNER (for those still in the Hague)

Monday 26 - GHM Hacking day + GUADEC
  meet at Revelation Hackspace

Tuesday 27 - GHM Hacking day + GUADEC
  meet at Revelation Hackspace

Wed 28 - Fri 30 - GUADEC

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