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[Ghm-discuss] Re: registration

From: Henrik Sandklef
Subject: [Ghm-discuss] Re: registration
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2009 22:56:45 +0200
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Brian Gough wrote:
> Henrik, 
> What software do you plan to use for the FSCONS registration? 

Actually, the plan was to talk about this with the new intern we have.
My main cincern was to make sure he had his say in the whole FSCONS+GHM

He will do some FSCONS registration (paypal integration) script. We
decided it that it is up to us.

If we get about 20 people to the GHM and all decide to want to go to
FSCONS, then those 20 will be a problem to register (at FSCONS) manually
so we need not care about FSCONS at all.... if we do get more than 20 to
GHM I'll happily register by hand using pen and paper or even a feather.
Having more than 20 people at GHM will be a succeess IMHO.

> We'll need to set something up for the GHM. 

Yup, a simple registration form that possibly does:

- filters away the SPAM/VISA SCAM registrations
- sends us an email
- subscribes them to a ML
- stores them in a db

> Last year I did it all manually with a web form, but something like
> Drupal with the Events module might be better this time.

Do you have any experience in this module?

Should we do the reg. on a separate web site, on (or on


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