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[Getfem-users] Questions about user-defined strain energy

From: David Danan
Subject: [Getfem-users] Questions about user-defined strain energy
Date: Mon, 23 May 2022 13:41:14 +0200

Dear Getfem-users,

to check whether i understand correctly the implementation (and because it's actually much clearer in my code that way), i am trying to replace some predefined bricks for strain energy by the equivalent version using GWFL.
For that, i have several questions

First question
For instance
lawname = 'SaintVenant Kirchhoff'
clambda,cmu = params["clambda"],params["cmu"]
model.add_initialized_data('paramsSVK', [clambda, cmu])
idBrick=model.add_finite_strain_elasticity_brick(mim, lawname, 'u', 'paramsSVK')
clambda,cmu = params["clambda"],params["cmu"]
model.add_initialized_data('paramsSVK', [clambda, cmu])

And the results seems to be the same.
However, for the incompressible Mooney Rivlin strain energy case, it does not behave as i expected

Using the example there as a basis in a 3D case
and after some simplifications

I have tried to replace the last line in
lawname = 'Incompressible Mooney Rivlin'
model.add_initialized_data('paramsIMR', [1,1])
model.add_finite_strain_elasticity_brick(mim, lawname, 'u', 'paramsIMR')
By this
model.add_nonlinear_generic_assembly_brick(mim, "Incompressible_Mooney_Rivlin_potential(Grad_u, [paramsIMR(1);paramsIMR(2)])")
Which was exactly the same, of course. Next, i have tried to replace it by these lines
model.add_macro("F", "Grad_u+Id(3)")
model.add_nonlinear_generic_assembly_brick(mim, "paramsIMR(1)* ( Matrix_j1(Right_Cauchy_Green(F)) - 3 )+ paramsIMR(2)* ( Matrix_j2(Right_Cauchy_Green(F)) - 3 )")
Which failed to converge

I thought this _expression_ was consistent with the implementation of Mooney_Rivlin_hyperelastic_law::strain_energy and the compute_invariants here
and the documentation
But, clearly, i am missing something. Could you explain what I am doing wrong?

Second question
In a 2D case, i would like to be able to use either a plane strain approximation based on a given strain energy _expression_ in 3D.
In the implementation, it is nicely done in  scalar_type plane_strain_hyperelastic_law::strain_energy there

Is it possible to do the same using the GWFL?

Third question
I would like to be able to compute the von-mises field for any strain energy function.

If It is an existing brick, the method
md.compute_finite_strain_elasticity_Von_Mises(lawname, 'u', 'params', mfdu)
will do the trick just fine.

If it's not the case, i guess i can use something akin to the actual implementation of compute_finite_strain_elasticity_Von_Mises
  std::string expr = "sqrt(3/2)*Norm(Deviator(Cauchy_stress_from_PK2("
  + adapted_lawname + "_PK2(Grad_" + varname + "," + params + "),Grad_"
  + varname + ")))";
  ga_interpolation_Lagrange_fem(md, expr, mf_vm, VM, rg);

combined with local_projection to get the value at the elements.
The question is: is it possible to compute Piola Kirchhoff 2 from the strain energy within the GWFL _expression_ given to local_projection?
I have the impression it's the only thing i need to be able to do what i want.
Let W be a strain energy function and E be the Green-Lagrange tensor (defined as macros, let's say), is Diff(W, E) doing exactly what i am expecting for this purpose?
If it's not the case, is there another way to do it?

Thank you in advance,
kind regards,

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