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Re: Incompatibility gmm++ 5.3 vs 5.1 due to gmm::lapack_ipvt

From: Renard Yves
Subject: Re: Incompatibility gmm++ 5.3 vs 5.1 due to gmm::lapack_ipvt
Date: Mon, 2 May 2022 09:26:04 +0200
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Dear Hans,

Indeed, no MAJOR_VERSION and MINOR_VERSION in gmm_arch_config.h, you are right.

May be the easiest way is to test a macro definition existing in a version and not in the other. For instance, in gmm_std.h,

GMM_NOPERATION_ is defined in version 5.1 and not in 5.4 (because it is replaced by a inline function).

Best regards,


Le 29/04/2022 à 16:15, Hans Wulf a écrit :
Hello all,

after upgrading gmm++ to version 5.3 from 5.1 my code does not compile anymore because the interface of gmm::lu_solve changed to

lu_factor(DenseMatrix& A, lapack_ipvt& ipvt)

and gmm::lapack_ipvt is not defined in 5.1 .
It is easy to fix, but I want the code to work with both versions and could not find any solution so far. I tried to solve it via #ifdef, however: There is a #define for GMM_VERSION in gmm_arch_config.h, but nothing numeric like GMM_MAJOR_VERSION, GMM_MINOR_VERSION that could be used in an #if preprocessor statement.

Is there some easy fix I am missing? For example some way to distinguish the gmm++ version in the preprocessor?

Best regards,

Hans Wulf

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