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Re: geiser-0.28.2/geiser-guile-0.28.1: Exception raised while evaluating

From: tpeplt
Subject: Re: geiser-0.28.2/geiser-guile-0.28.1: Exception raised while evaluating continuation in Scheme buffer
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2023 18:57:37 -0400
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"Jose A. Ortega Ruiz" <> writes:

> I think this is expected behaviour and non-trivial to fix.  When
> evaluating expressions from a scheme buffer, string ports are used to
> capture the standard output fluid, so that any output can be displayed
> by Emacs inmmediately.  This redirection to a string port is temporary,
> and the port is closed once the evaluation has finished. Then, when you
> invoke again the continuation, it's that already closed port that is
> used again, giving you an error.
> More generally, the problem is that capturing continuations captures
> also the state of the geiser library mediating evaluations, and that
> library is not reentrant.  That's arguably a bug, but one that is very
> hard to fix.


   Thank you for your response.

   Perhaps the workaround is for users to write the Scheme code that has
continuations and load it from a file.  Once it has been loaded and
interpreted via the REPL, the code works as expected.  Possibly a note
could be added to the Geiser manual so that users know about this
problem (A "Known Bugs" section?).  This would help users so that they
don’t spend a lot of time attempting to debug their (non-broken)
Geiser/Guile/Emacs configuration.


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