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Re: Using geiser-racket in org-mode babel?

From: Jose Antonio Ortega Ruiz
Subject: Re: Using geiser-racket in org-mode babel?
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2022 23:12:38 +0100

Hi Lawrence,

On Thu, Jun 16 2022, Galaxy Being wrote:

> I'm not really getting geiser-racket in org-mode babel code blocks to work.
> Any ideas? Or is this just not on the radar? I tried the latest

Currently, geiser-racket is unmantained (i'm saying this as its main
author): i don't use racket and my feeling is that the racket community
moved to racket-mode a long time ago, so i actually consider
geiser-racket deprecated in favour of the latter.  So babel support is,
i am afraid, not in any radar i know of :) I guess one would need, to
begin with, a new maintainer for geiser-racket: i'm more than willing to
help anyone that steps up and pass the batton (racket is second only to
guile in its support for geiser, even today, so it's a bit sad it's

> emacs-ob-racket <> with racket-mode,
> and, yes, it "works," but only as a one-shot send it to a command line,
> i.e., you can't have an ongoing REPL session, i.e., you can't define
> something without calling it -- which is pretty useless, IMHO.

I agree, although i am sure something could be done in the context of
racket-mode, it's a very good package.  Perhaps it'll be easier to find
racket users interested in helping there than in reviving geiser-racket.

If languages had true garbage collection, most programs would
delete themselves upon execution.
    - Robert Sewell, paraphrased

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