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Re: Any guesses on how tightly version numbers should match?

From: Diane Trout
Subject: Re: Any guesses on how tightly version numbers should match?
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2022 22:19:59 -0700
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On Tue, 2022-06-14 at 03:40 +0100, Jose Antonio Ortega Ruiz wrote:
> Hi Diane,
> On Mon, Jun 13 2022, Diane Trout wrote:
> > Hello,
> > 
> > I was working on updating the Debian package of geiser and sometime
> > between now and the 0.10, the language specific support modules got
> > split out into separate modules.
> > 
> > I was wondering how closely the geisier and gesier-language package
> > versions should match? Do they need to exactly match or do you
> > think
> > there's a reasonable chance close versions could work together?
> There should be a pretty reasonable chance; at least that's the
> goal.  I
> am the main developer of the core and guile modules, and some others
> (mit, chibi) are simple enough that i can keep them updated, up to a
> point at least.  So my idea is that one can interpret the geiser
> version
> a module depends on as a minimum version requirement, meaning "this
> or
> better".  That said, for complex implementations like chicken's or
> gambit's i cannot guarantee that in the future they'll keep working
> like

:) who can guarantee anything with software, especially keeping with
interfaces compatible. I just wanted to be a bit cautious since the
language modules were all split out from a single project I wasn't sure
if they should be considered tightly coupled or not.

> that (i know for instance that Chicken is broken for some Chicken
> versions already) besides Guile's.  Oh, and it's perhaps worth
> mentioning that i'm no longer maintaining Racket (even though i was
> its
> main developer): i consider geiser-racket superseded by racket-mode
> (as
> i think does the Racket community since quite a while), so maybe
> packing
> it is not worth your while unless someone steps up as a new
> maintainer
> for it.

Thank you for that hint!

> Many thanks for taking care of this (debian has always been my
> distribution of choice, so i'm very happy to see packages for geiser
> in
> there) and please let me know if i can be of further assistance.

Thank you for your help, your response, and and working on neat emacs


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