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[gcmd-usr] advrename: safe rename (two steps)

From: mi
Subject: [gcmd-usr] advrename: safe rename (two steps)
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 2020 03:56:21 +0100

I'm often renaming large numbers of files and sometimes there's naming 
conflict. However gcmd does not warn about these before it's already screwed ...

I thought about it. Probably in most cases, we do not really want to bother 
resolve conflicts - we just want to rename as requested. Why can't the file 
manager just do it, meaning in two steps ?

First step - renaming as requested but with a leading char (maybe _) then 
second step, renaming without that char.

It could of course be an option. If someone really needs speed and no conflict 
is possible, then that would be useful. But seriously i can't think of such a  
case ... where do we talk about such large amounts that even manual renaming 
with a graphical file manager needs to speed up ... ?? (Normally, scripts are 
doing this kind of stuff, and in batch.) Therefore, i would say the default 
could be safe rename (two steps) and any checkbox would be for 'unsafe one-step 

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