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Re: [gcmd-usr] New icon contest :-)

From: Michael
Subject: Re: [gcmd-usr] New icon contest :-)
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2019 03:44:39 +0100


Funny enough i've had exactly that though, out of the blue,  when i looked into 
my collection of accumulated icons and wondered why there are still non-svg 

And when it come to filesize, that does not seem to matter anymore today. 
Handbrake comes with a 3,3 MByte sized icon ... and totally stupid stuff with a 
drink and ananas ... wow. But nice :D

However, i'm in no position to work on this right now ... grunting under load 
:D and i've not worked with graphix for so many years now. 

But i may create a mockup if i'm bored :D

The questions are right here: 

* Should the icon depict something characteristic for gcmd, like a dual pane ?

* Or is that not so important, and it should rather be a unique, nice, and 
outstanding logo ? (Like, eg, the firefox)

Personally, i think a dual pane is a bad idea, since it looks boring and 
similar to many calc/text document icons.

Then what would be the most important or characteristic feature, after the 
panes ? 

I would vote for the unique 'logo' though and that could be anything, like an 
animal or something out of GC letters, or just colors.

What do you think ?

For example, since i don't like that floppy disk so much, i've settled with a 
blue anchor icon (attch) stolen from some debian package, for my gcmd launcher. 
It evokes positive feelings of safety, and bein 'anchored' in the filesystem. I 
really hate all that virtual folder things in the recent Microsoft Explorer, or 
Apple Finder, where i never know what REALLY is there. 
For me, gcmd is access to the good old filesystem and it only shows the real 
things. That's why it feels like an anchor.

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